What is the use of Ham Radio to a Green Wizard?

I think that Green Wizards Radio has two purposes. One is to provide a pool of people who are dedicated to preserving a means of long distance communications that can be supported with a low-level technology. The other is to provide a way for Green Wizards working in other circles to communicate with each other to share ideas and support while not depending on an extremely complex and expensive Internet.

Here I'll put information on obtaining your Ham Radio license, getting on the air, meeting up with other Green Wizard Hams, and anything else related that you may have questions about. Let's continue any actual conversations on theCommunicationcircle of theGreenWizards.orgweb site, any subjects that would be helpful to have here will be added.

I have a small forum here for those who want to talk about the more technical aspects of Amateur Radio as related to Green Wizards. Also welcome would be more esoteric thoughts about Amateur Radio and Radio in general.

I'm just getting started with this site that I hope will be useful to those interested in communicating by Amateur Radio. Please keep checking back for additions.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact me at GreenWizards.org or email me at:


Anyone who is interested or has questions, please contact me at the Green Wizards site or the above email. What sort of questions do you think I should answer here? If you're a Ham already, suggestions for content!

August Johnson KG7BZ

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